"I cannot say enough great things about working with Friederike! She is a wedding planning rock star! From the very first contacts via email and phone from the US, I knew I was in good hands for my daughter’s wedding in Oaxaca. Friederike listens well and then gives you just the help you need. She doesn’t try to force anything and honors the budget you set. My daughter and I flew to Oaxaca (my first time there) and met Friederike at the Hotel Azul where she had each vendor come to meet with us about every 30 minutes. We got there at 10am and by 2:00pm the wedding was totally planned, all the vendor agreements were in place and we were able to just enjoy the remaining 3 days in town! Friederike knows all the service providers and she keeps them on task…(‘German Engineering’ rules)! I left the planning trip feeling like planning a wedding was the easiest thing in the world! Unbelievable how quickly we got it all done.

The wedding itself couldn’t have been better! So fun, so easy, everything was perfect! We had the ceremony at a small boutique hotel in town, then we had the traditional wedding parade, “la calenda,” through town to the reception. All of 67 of our guests loved the event, especially the parade with mariachi band and folkloric dancers. The town of Oaxaca is so welcoming and full of wonderful arts, crafts and good food that our guests were always busy on their own and required no help getting around. The reception was stunning—beautiful decorations, great food and a good DJ. Afterwards, we had a mariachi band at midnight. It was magical! And all due to Friederike’s planning and execution.
Again, I cannot say enough about Friederike! She gets things done professionally and gracefully. She is a gem. Don’t even think about doing a wedding without her!”
Tanya Rhone
Raleigh, NC