We believe that destination weddings are a beautiful way to join together two special people in an intimate and meaningful way. They allow for the unification of families and friends in a new and exciting location, creating an event that provides lasting memories. And above all, we want to make your wedding as fun and enjoyable as possible!

At Oaxaca Weddings we offer two types of basic packages that can be altered depending on your needs.
This package provides full-service wedding coordination. It includes:

• Event design: we work with you to create the atmosphere you desire. Laid-back garden wedding with a buffet-style meal? A church ceremony and sit-down dinner in one of Oaxaca´s colonial buildings? Or a pre-hispanic rite? At Oaxaca Weddings we will help you visualize and plan your dream event.

• Booking and coordinating of vendors: drawing on our vast array of contacts, we will hire and coordinate with decorators, musicians, caterers, DJs etc. to make sure that you have quality service providers.

• Rehearsal and day-of coordination: we will provide a rehearsal previous to the wedding day as well as be on site during the day to supervise set-up, coordinate vendors, organize guests, and make sure that your event runs smoothly.

In addition to full-service wedding coordination, we add on trip planning for you and your guests in this package. It includes:
• Booking lodging.
• Coordinating group outings to tourist sites.
• Coordinating group meals.